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Simo Silvan


2008- Anthriel - vocals  

Personal information

Born on: 28.02.1983

Name: Simo Silvan

Date of birth: 28.02.1983

Place of birth: Tampere

Sign: Pisces

Influences: James Labrie, Geoff Tate, Russel Allen, Marco Hietala, Pasi Rantanen, Ronnie James Dio, David Coverdale,

Favourite bands: Dream Theater, Nightwish, Ayreon, Queensryche, Tarot, Avenged Sevenfold, Symphony X, Zappa, Whitesnake, Liquid Tension Experiment, Kamelot, Angra, Helloween,

Favourte albums: Scenes From A Memory (Dream Theater) , Operation Mindcrime (Queensryche) , Keeper Of The Seven Keys Part 2 (Helloween)

Favourite songs: Suite Sister Mary (Queensryche) , A Change Of Seasons (Dream Theater), High Hopes (Pink Floyd)

Favourite drink: Beer

Favourite Actor/actress: Nicholas Gage, Johnny Depp

Favourite quote(s): "Seize the day cause tomorrow everything might be gone... NOT"

Movies: Star Wars, Lord Of The Rings, Harry Potter, Kill bill, Pirates Of Carribean, Iron Man, X-Men, Village

Hobbies: NOT

Gear: Vocalchords, air and too tight pants.

Musical background:

My affection toward music started when I was really young, because almost everyone in my family played an instrument and so it was quite natural for me to start to play something. First I started as a drummer but after a couple of years it was time for me to move on due to my own will to learn how to make melodies and also my parents had enough of the mindless banging that started every now and then when I went to practise to our basement. Well then as I started to get more and more into guitar playing it opened totally new wievs to my music listening. Bands like Dream Theater, Queensryche, Metallica, Iron Maiden were the first metal music influences that I had and at that time when I was about 15 year old the dream of being a musician finally started to become clearer in my thoughts. When I was about 20 years old I started to learn how to sing because it seemed to be even more natural way for me to express myself than guitar and so far so good.