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Tomoaki Ishizuka


1985- X Japan - guitars (as Pata)  
1998- Pata - guitars (as Pata)  
1998-2003 DopeHEADz - guitars (as Pata)  
2003- Ra:IN - guitars (as Pata)  

Live musician

1998 Spread Beaver - guitars (as Pata)  

Personal information

Also known as: Pata
Born on: 04.11.1965
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Tomoaki Ishizuka (石塚 智昭 ,Ishizuka Tomoaki?, born November 4, 1965 in Chiba, Japan), better known under his stage name "Pata", is a musician and songwriter and was formerly featured on rhythm guitar and lead guitar in the popular Japanese band X Japan. Pata has taken his nickname from the name of Japanese manga Patalliro!. The reason he took the name is because he was said to resemble one of the characters. He is one of the very quiet ones in the band and usually doesn't show emotion even if he's interested in something. He joined the group in the late 1980s and stayed with it until its dissolution in 1997.

After the breakup he released two solo albums (Pata's 1st Solo Album and Raised on Rock) and founded Dope Headz with fellow X Japan bassist Heath and Spread Beaver percussionist/programmer I.N.A. in 2001. The Group ceased activity after two albums. Since then, Pata has joined Ra:IN (Rock and Inspiration, pronounced /ˈɹɑ ɪn/ ) and is currently participating in the X Japan reunion.