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Davide "Dave" Moras


NA- Leprechaun - vocals  
1998-2002 Elvenking - vocals (as Damna)  
1999-2000 Elvenking - bass (as Damna)  
2004- Elvenking - vocals (as Damna)  
2009- Hell In The Club - vocals  

Guest musician

2006-2007 SpellBlast - vocals  
2010 Trick Or Treat - vocals  
2022 Darian And Friends - vocals (as Damnagoras)  

Personal information

Also known as: Damnagoras
Born on: 18.08.1981

His musical career goes back to 1996, when he started playing in a cover band, while continuing his studies in classical and electric guitar. He then entered Elvenking in 1998. With Elvenking, he recorded a demo-CD, several pre-productions and finally an album in different professional studios such as New Sin Studios and Fredman Studios. "Heathenreel" was recorded in Italy and mixed in Sweden, and was released in 2001 by the German label AFM Records. It featured 11 songs, including "Pagan Purity", "Skywards", "Seasonspeech" and others. Before and after the release of the album, the band played several gigs and even collaborated with ex-Skyclad singer, Martin Walkyier, sharing the stage while playing some Skyclad tracks together. But after all this, in 2002, problems between the singer and the band started to arise, and Damnagoras was officially out of Elvenking.

In 2003, Damnagoras started a new band called Leprechaun together with Stormlord's bass player Francesco Bucci, Raintime's drummer Enrico and singer/keyboard player Whisperwind. Leprechaun released "The Ultimate Dance", a demo-CD for record companies. In 2004, Damnagoras rejoined Elvenking and released in 2006, "The Winter Wake" (AFM-Records) album which includes songs like "The Wanderer", "The Winter Wake", and "Neverending Nights".

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