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Steve Asheim


NA-2006 Council Of The Fallen - drums  
1987- Deicide - drums  
1987-1989 Amon - drums  
2007- Order Of Ennead - drums  


21.06.2006 Deicide

Personal information

Born on: 17.01.1970

Steve Asheim (born January 17 1970) is the drummer and primary songwriter for the death metal band Deicide. Steve is also known to collect guns, which can be seen in Deicide's DVD When London Burns.

On 25 January 2007, when making a trip to a bank in Innsbruck, Austria to make a deposit from Deicide merchandise sales, he was arrested on suspicion of connection with a recent bank robbery. Staff were perplexed by his appearance and attire, as well as the fact he was handling money marked in red dye. Detained by police in the local station, he explained the banknotes were legitimate proceeds from touring, and that he had a leaky pen in his pocket which was responsible for the money's discoloration. He was released without further charge.

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