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Kat Epple


1978-1989 Emerald Web - flute, synthesizers, ewi  

Studio musician

2011 Devin Townsend - flute, woodwinds  
2014 Devin Townsend - flute, woodwinds  

Live musician

2011 Devin Townsend - flute, woodwinds, vocals  

Personal information

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Kat Epple has won 8 Emmy Awards, a Peabody Award, and was nominated for a Grammy. Kat Epple has released 25 music albums internationally, composes music for film scores and television soundtracks, and performs live original music featuring world flutes, electronic keyboards, and EWI with various ensembles.

She travels throughout the world collecting flutes from other cultures which she features in her original compositions and performances.

Kat Epple has produced film scores and television soundtracks for National Geographic, Nova, CNN, Carl Sagan, Another World, The Travel Channel, Turner Broadcasting System, History Channel, HGN, The Guiding Light, Childrens' Books, PBS, and NASA among others.

Kat Epple has performed music at the Guggenheim Museums, Metropolitan Museum of Art, The United Nations, Palazzo dei Diamanti, Italy, U.S. National Gallery, and at Ground Zero. Formerly with the groups Emerald Web and White Crow, she is currently performing with her various ensembles including the art music ensemble, "Sonic Combine" with which she performed live music with the Merce Cunningham Dance Company as part of their "Legacy" tour. In 2011, she recorded with The Devin Townsend Project on the album "Ghost", and will be performing in concert with them in 2012.