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Erik Brødreskift


1988 Emptor - drums  
1995-1996 Gorgoroth - drums (as Grim)  
1995-1998 Borknagar - drums  

Live musician

1993-1994 Immortal - drums (as Grim)  

Personal information

Also known as: Grim
Born on: 23.12.1969
Died on: 04.10.1999

Erik Brødreskift (aka Grim) (December 23, 1969 - October 4, 1999) was a Norwegian drummer, who played in several black metal bands during his career. He committed suicide by taking an overdose of drugs.

Band history
- 1993-1994: Drummer of Immortal.
Grim joined the band immediately after it had released its second album, Pure Holocaust. Despite not performing on Pure Holocaust, Grim was present when the picture was taken and ended up in the album cover. His stay with Immortal was limited to two European tours, after which the band decided to let him go.
- 1995-1998: Drummer of Borknagar.
One of the founding members of the band, Grim played on three albums: Borknagar (1996), The Olden Domain (1997) and The Archaic Course (1998).
- 1996-1997: Drummer of Gorgoroth.
Was responsible for the drums on Under the Sign of Hell (1997) and on the EP The Last Tormentor (1996).

Nargaroth's song "Erik, May You Rape the Angels" is dedicated to Erik Brødreskift.
The annual Hole in the Sky metal festival is dedicated to Erik Brødreskift's memory and organized by his memory fund.