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Thomas Youngblood


1991- Kamelot - guitars  
1999 Consortium Project - guitars  

Guest musician

2003 Aina - guitars  


16.04.2013 Kamelot

Personal information

Born on: 29.05.1974


Height: 5'11" /180cm
Eye-color: Blue-green
Hair-color: Dark brown

Films: Lord of the Rings, Fight Club, too many...
Books: DaVinci Code, Faust, Grisham novels.
Actor/Actress: DeNiro, Meryl Streep.
Sports: Football, Tennis, Golf.
Food: Italian, Chinese/Thai, Cuban.
Drinks: Water, Wine, Coke, Brewski's.
Dislikes: Smoking, Arrogance.
Hobbies: Not much time for hobbies! Computers I guess.

ESP Horizon II
ESP Custom Eclipse
ESP Viper
Takamine Classical
Ampeg VH-140C Amps
Line 6 HD 147 Heads
Line 6 FBV Pedal
Boss Pedals
TKL Cases
JIMY Picks/Custom Heavy
Sennheiser Wireless System

Favourite bands: Maiden, Queensryche , Queen and many more.
Favourite musicians: Steve Morse, Strunz and Farrar, Rene Dupere.
Favourite albums: Gladitator Soundtrack, The Rock, Queensryche/Mindcrime , Cirque de Soleil (all), Rising Force/Malmsteen , Saigon Kick.
Favourite cover artworks: Maiden Powerslave/Piece of Mind, Kamelot Black Halo, Rush/Moving Pictures too many!
Favourite album lyrics: Queensryche Mindcrime.

Best tour memory: So far it would be arriving in Japan for the first time, but there are so many from around the world. The Kamelot fans have such a great Karma about them.
Worst tour memory: YMCA in Karlsruhe.

A Kamelot song which is special for you and why: Don't You Cry, about my father that passed away when I was very young.

Some words for the fans: I hope our music has touched you in some special way and that through it all you find a message of hope and peace within. We are fortunate to have such incredible fans! Now turn up the volume!!