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Michael Denner


NA- Danger Zone - guitars  
NA- Fate - guitars  
NA- Jezebel - guitars  
NA- Zoser Mez - guitars  
1979-1980 Brats - guitars  
1982-1996 Mercyful Fate - guitars  
1985-1987 King Diamond - guitars  
2002- Force Of Evil - guitars  
2014-2018 Denner / Shermann - guitars  

Guest musician

1984 Fate - guitars  
2006 Eidolon - guitars  
2010 Volbeat - guitars  
2011-2012 Snowy Shaw - guitars  
2013 Deadlands - guitars  

Personal information

Born on: 05.11.1958

Born: November 5th - Scorpio
Inspirations: Schenker in UFO, Roth in Scorpions and Ollie Halsall.
Ten album that changed my life:LED ZEPPELIN ; second - CAPTAIN BEYOND - PATTO ; Hold your fire - DEEP PURPLE ;In Rock - JUDAS PRIEST ; Killing Machine - KISS ; Hotter than hell - UFO ; Force It - MONTROSE - MOUNTAIN ; Climbing - MOXY ; Ridin High.
Fave Drink : Chardonnay white wine.
Food : Sushi and Swordfish.
Interest: Collecting records, old movies, music trivia and women.
Recordings: Brats- Mercyful Fate - Fate - King Diamond - Zoser Mez and Force Of Evil . Guest appearance on : Furious Trauma , Jack Cracker and Notre Dame.

Equipment: Flying V - Les Paul - SG , all by Gibson. Marshall 100 W /JCM 800 , tubescreamer TS-9 and Crybaby wah.

Bio: Denner is a fourth generation musician. Denner is known for playing a Gibson Flying V guitar. He lists his inspirations as Uli Jon Roth, Michael Schenker and Ollie Halsall. He was a member of Mercyful Fate and King Diamond amongst others. He has made guest appearances with Furious Trauma, Jack Cracker, VOLBEAT and Notre Dame. His main focus as of late is Force of Evil with Hank Shermann.

Denner owns a record shop in Copenhagen called "Beat Bop".