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Candice Night


1997- Blackmore's Night - vocals, shawms, rauschpfeife  
2011- Candice Night - vocals  

Guest musician

1993-1995 Rainbow - vocals  
2001 Beto Vázquez Infinity - vocals  
2002 Beto Vázquez Infinity - vocals  
2003 Aina - vocals  
2005 Helloween - vocals  
2019 Avantasia - vocals  

Personal information

Born on: 08.05.1971
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Candice Night is an American vocalist/songwriter and the wife of guitarist Ritchie Blackmore. She is the lead singer, multi-instrumentalist, and lyricist for the traditional folk rock project, Blackmore's Night since its origins in 1997.

Born as Candice Lauren Isralow, in Hauppauge, Long Island, New York, she began modeling at 12 years of age. She appeared in everything from commercials to print ads, and promoted products at trade shows until her 20s. Night also had a job of her own radio show at a rock music radio station on Long Island, and attended at New York Institute of Technology where she studied communications.

She was originally Rainbow fan, so met Ritchie Blackmore to ask him for an autograph in 1989. They became friends and it just naturally progressed to soul mates more. The couple lived together from 1991. She began by writing lyrics for four songs on Stranger in Us All, the CD by Blackmore's solo band, as well as doing harmony vocals on "Ariel" and "Hall of the Mountain King" for the aforementioned album. Despite being inexperienced as a professional singer, Blackmore encouraged her to become his musical partner. She then wrote lyrics for most songs for the first Blackmore's Night album, Shadow of the Moon where she supplied lead vocals. Those songs were written with her voice in his mind.

Since then, she has been awarded several gold albums and other awards for the music of Blackmore's Night as well as Rainbow, and has charted internationally with her music. Their 2008 release, Secret Voyage, entered at #1 on the New Age Billboard Charts and stayed there for four weeks, and then held on in the top 10 for an additional 14 weeks. She continues to widen her musical horizons, performing both on CDs and live in concert, not only writing lyrics and singing, but playing medieval instruments: shawm, cornamuse, rauschpfeife, pennywhistle, and chanters.

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