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Daniel "Danny" Cavanagh


NA Lid - guitar  
1990-2002 Anathema - guitars  
2003- Anathema - guitars, keyboards, vocals  
2005- Leafblade - guitar, vocals, keyboards  

Live musician

2009 Anneke van Giersbergen & Danny Cavanagh - guitars, keyboards, vocals  

Guest musician

NA Spherical Minds - vocals  
2001-2003 Antimatter - guitars, piano, vocals  
2007 Antimatter - guitars, piano, synthesizers  
2009 Agua De Annique - guitar, vocals  


01.10.2013 Anathema
25.10.2009 Anathema
07.02.2006 Anathema

Personal information

Born on: 06.10.1972

Daniel Cavanagh is an English guitarist and singer who formed the British art rock band Anathema in 1990 with his younger brothers Vincent Cavanagh and Jamie Cavanagh.
Danny has been involved in a few projects such as Leafblade, who are an acoustic & celtic rock band, (where Danny contributes guitars and vocals), and Antimatter (former band of ex-Anathema member Duncan Patterson) who had Danny guest on the album Leaving Eden doing lead guitars. He also recorded an album with a band called Lid, on which he played guitar and Eric Wagner of Trouble did the vocals. Lid is not active anymore since the release of that album, entitled "In The Mushroom". Danny also did the vocals on an album by french post rockers Spherical Minds.

In 2002 Danny left Anathema, but changed his mind and rejoined soon thereafter, going on to write almost the entire A Natural Disaster album. He is a big fan of Nick Drake and made a tribute album called Place To Be.