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Dave Garcia


1992- Cage - guitars  
2012-2014 Nukem - guitars  
2018- The Three Tremors - guitars (as Conan)  

Personal information

Also known as: Conan
Dave Garcia was born in Eureka California where he went to Catholic school. He then moved to Missoula Montana where he attended high school and met his current wife Nadine Garcia. At age 13 he started playing guitar after his brother's friend brought one over to his house and began playing it. He asked his parents to buy him one and and they quickly did. he had always had an aptitude for music and was an amazing accordion player while in Catholic School. In 7th grade he started his first band called ZETUS. They played covers of metal bands and played some school parties. He played throughout high school in several other groups and then after graduating moved to San Jose California, where he began a massive body building regiment. He had his first son and took a break from playing music for roughly 5 years. later, he moved his family to San Diego California. He soon yearned for the metal scene again and met musicians Gerry Buckzo and Mike Giordano forming bands QUAQSIMODO and later KRUX. Dave formed the band CRUSHER which had legendary local San Diego musician Big Vinney in it for a time as well as current CAGE bass player Mike Giordano. Those tracks are being released on a digital only release called CAGE: the CRUSHER tapes coming Fall 2007. They played ferociously all across Southern California and built quite a following as their brand of muscle metal really caught attention. Dave "Conan" Garcia is a well renowned body builder and has won many competitions and has held several titles. His massive frame is hard to miss on stage at CAGE shows. He has an entire room in his estate home filled with trophys. He also boxed Golden Gloves for a time and held a record over 76-24 in over 100 sanctioned fights. He took the Bronze medal in the nationals which was a qualifier for the Olympics, destroying many opponents with violent bloody knockouts. Dave Garcia enjoys his massive estate in Vista California where he tinkers on his Corvettes and motorcycles. He still works out frequently but no longer competes in body building. He has been known to enjoy a beer or two and spends a lot of time in his recording studio sharpening his skills. His son Kevin Garcia is a phenomenal musician in his own right and plays guitar in the metal core band AUDKIK which is slaying clubs in the Southwest currently.