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Anthony Wayne McGiness


2003-2010 Cage - guitars  

Personal information

Born on: 28.02.1978

Anthony Wayne McGinnis was born on February28th, 1978 in Vallejo California. He grew up in Southern San Diego and eventually attended The School of creative and performing arts where he studied Cello and stand up Bass. At age 13 his friend Ivan brought over his brother's guitar which he had just learned the song La Bamba on. He taught Anthony the song who then impressed his parents with the performance. They were so impressed that they bought him a guitar and he quickly began dedicating more and more time to it as his proficiency grew. By age 15 he was completely shredding and he then joined a band called TEMPEST, an upstart metal group in San Diego. After 2 years of practice and parties he then was recruited into the band CIRCUS OF TEARS. That gig took him to Chicago where he performed on the nationally syndicated show Jenny Jones. Eventually the CIRCUS left town and he was left with no band but kept recording material on his 4 track. He had played a show with CAGE and knew singer Sean Peck. One night Sean saw one of Anthony's friends and asked him what Anthony was up to. Eric Horton had just quit the band and CAGE had endured 3 weeks of painful auditions that were yielding no results. His friend Andrew gave Sean Anthony's number and Sean quickly called to surprisingly find out that he was not playing with any group at all and was considering selling his Marshall stack. Sean yelled in the phone, " Don't you sell shit! you get your ass down to the studio now so we can jam!" Anthony was down the next day and brought his recorded material which sounded like it could have been on the next CAGE album. Anthony enjoys his killer house by the beach with his new wife Yuridia. He likes to play video games and currently is ruling expert level on guitar hero 3. He totally owns God of war 2, and likes snow boarding, Mexican food, Mexicans and can totally fix a broken washing machine or dishwasher blindfolded.