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Yerûšelem - Biography



YERÛ-ELEM is the newest entity created by Vindsval and W.D.Feld (BLUT AUS NORD).

The project's name speaks of an incalculable vastness of contemplation within: YERÛ-ELEM's sound is a congruent melding of powerfully bass-heavy Godfleshian clank and grind, the sacred ur-texts of Coil and Autechre, stark neo-gothic guitar leads with intimations of fusion, the freshness-into-fetid-air experimentation of back-end '90s Mayhem and Thorns, post-punk urbanity, psychedelic dreamgaze, subterranean industrial pulses and the crunching rhythmic crispness of modernist electronica.

Eternal searching has culminated in a new vocal and lyrical clarity which moves further towards communication than anything previously recorded by the pair. Is this spiritualism or lack thereof? Prayer or anti-prayer? Self-renewal from without or within?

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