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Sparzanza - Biography


1996 - 2000
Sparzanza is formed in Karlstad by guitarists Calle and David Johannesson and drummer Anders Åberg. The band record their first demos and release a number of EPs as they settle on their lineup. Bassist Johan Carlsson and vocalist Fredrik Weileby join the band.

2000 - 2005
Sparzanza release albums "Angels of vengeance" och "Into the sewers" in 2001 and 2003 respectively. Their close partnership with Rikard Löfgren begins, with the producer becoming almost like a sixth member of the band.

2006 - 2010
On the album "Banisher of the light" (2007) the band find their signature sound and set the blueprint for future efforts. Follow-up "In Voodoo Veritas" (2009) is a continuation of this magic formula. In 2009, Guitarist David Johannesson leaves the band and is replaced by Magnus Eronen.

2011 - 2015
Finland discover Sparzanza in a big way. The band tour extensively throughout the country and get plenty of airplay on Finnish rock radio. Their albums "Folie à Cinq" (2012), "Death Is Certain" - Life Is Not (2012) and "Circle" (2014) are released respectively. Sparzanza star in a number of music videos, releasing them on their YouTube channel and perform live in China.

Sparzanza's most recent album "Announcing the End" is written in Spain with planned fall release. After twenty years, Sparzanza reach out to a wider audience and sign with Swedish label, Despotz Records.