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Live Burial - Biography


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The idea for Live Burial came from a discussion between vocalist Jamie Brown and Jake Bielby (guitarist for tech-death band Plague Rider) in the summer of 2012; creating music in the vein of Asphyx. Jake immediately set to work and wrote the song "Live Burial". Fellow Plague Rider members Matthew Henderson (drums) and Lee Anderson (bass) were recruited. Richard Codling was looking to join a band and around Easter of 2013 was asked if he wanted to be involved in Live Burial.

Fast forward a couple of months and the first Live Burial show had been announced as support for Vomitor in Newcastle upon Tyne. At this time the band put together the songs that would eventually be rehearsed, played live and recorded for the 2013 demo. This was self-released by the band digitally and on CD/cassette. These quickly sold out. At around this time Jake decided that he wished to concentrate on his other projects and left the band. Rob Hindmarsh, previously of grindcore band Rat Faced Bastard, was then recruited to replace Jake.

Mid 2014 saw the recording of the Live Burial EP. This would also be released by the band digitally and on CD. The original run and subsequent re-print of the CD version sold out. Polish label Till You Fukkin Bleed then ran a cassette version of the EP which is available from the label directly.

The EP was followed by the band's first tour and since then Live Burial have shared the stage with bands such as Morkhimmel, Acid Witch, Bonehunter, Grave Miasma, Vircolac and Attic.

Live Burial completed the recording of their debut album Forced Back to Life in late 2015, which is being produced by Dan Lowndes of Resonance Studios (and of Cruciamentum fame) and is set for release for Summer 2016 via Dunkelheit Produktionen.