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Danish death metal band Withering Surface was formed in 1994 by vocalist Michael H. Andersen, guitarist Allan Tvedebrink, guitarist Jimmy Christensen, bassist Kasper Boye-Larsen and drummer Jakob Gundel, and initially took their cues from the melodic death metal issuing out of the Swedish city of Gothenburg at the time.

The first two albums, 1997's 'Scarlet Silhouettes' and 1998's 'The Nude Ballet' were recorded at Gothenburg's Studio Fredman with everyone's favorite melodic death metal producer, Fredrik Nordström. After the release of 'Scarlet Silhouettes' the band went on tour with Dimmu Borgir and Old Man's Child and played additonal gigs in Sweden, The Benelux, Denmark and Germany. Both albums were released on Danish label Euphonoius and met with enthusiastic response from the international metal scene and were both licensed for release in Japan through Marquee/Avalon.

'The Nude Ballet' was nominated for a Danish Grammy in the "hard rock" category in 1999. The same year the band played at Roskilde Festival as well as lots of other shows in Denmark and abroad with the new line-up featuring Morten Lybecker on keyboard, Marcel Leth on guitars and Nikolaj Borg on drums. Marcel Leth left the band after two years, intense touring and the release of the 7" EP 'Forever Fragile' recorded with Jacob Hansen. Guitarist Jacob Krogholt was hired as replacements and the group duly delivered 2001's 'Walking On Phantom Ice' album through UK record label Copro. This album saw the band supporting Opeth and Arch Enemy on an extensive UK tour, playing at Wacken Open Air as well as lots of other shows and touring across Europe alongside acts like Satyricon and God Dethroned.

2003's 'Ichor' EP was entirely self-financed, consisting of unreleased material from previous sessions. In 2004 the band entered the Antfarm Studio with Tue Madsen and recorded the 'Force The Pace' album that resulted in a new record deal with Italy's Scarlet Records. This last effort, found the band moving with the times, shifting away from melodic death and into the neo-death-thrash gaining popularity in the mid-'00s. Again the band managed to tour across Europe, but disbanded in early 2005 after a marathon gig with songs spanding their entire catalogue at the local venue Loppen. Withering Surface played about 150 shows in total in their 10 years of existence and the band is now back from the shadows.

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