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Infernal Angels - Biography



The band was born in August 2002, after the end of a project which involved XeS (voice) and Prince Of Tears (guitar), the Hell Burn. Then with the new entries Deimos (drum) and Phobos (bass) and the change of the moniker in Infernal Angels, the band began to work composing and playing live. In October 2002 the first work, Absum Lucem, was released and it got a lot of very good reviews. Immediately after the released of the first demo, the band is dedicated to the song writing of new songs. So in the January 2003, the group in their studios have produced "Vigilia Secunda" which has been available since May 2003. Also Vigilia Secunda got good reviews and Infernal Angels got the nomination for the best Italian black metal band to the Nero Opaco Metal Awards 2003, catching up the first place with Sterminio, Sakahiter and Entyrety, the band also reached the semifinal of the competition organized by, Battle of Metal Band. In 2003 Infernal Angels played in important festival as "The Black Sunrise Metal Fest" and "God bless the metal fest", and they played with Infernal Poetry, Rosae Crucis, Death Dies, Prejudice. At the end of the year Phobos and Prince of Tears decided to leave the band. Iblis (bass) and Stygian (guitar) took their place. In August 2004, with a 4 pieces line up, the band enters in the Tsa Studio to record the promo "Dominus Silentii", it contains 4 tracks extracted from the first full length "Shining Evil Light". In Novembre Iblis and Deimos have been removed by XeS and Stygian for personal issues.

In the autumn-winter 2005 enjoy in the band Mohr (Bass). In January 2006, the band signed for Officina Rock Records to produce "Shining Evil Light".
In August 2006 Stygian have been removed by XeS and Mohr for personal issues, join us Innos from Nefertum (Guitars) and Geny from Nefertum and Handful Of Hate (Guitars). Innos, Uruk-Hai e Lord Sarlacc left the band and they are sostituted by sessions.