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Sun Caged - Biography




When guitarist Marcel Coenen (ex-Lemur Voice) and drummer Dennis Leeflang (ex-Within Temptation) accidentally meet in late 1998 and the two discover their common interests in music, Coenen invites Leeflang to join a jam-session on new year's day 1999. After a successful gig, both agree it should be interesting to write some material together.
Sun Caged is formed in the spring of 1999. Operating as a studio-project at first, Coenen and Leeflang decide to transform Sun Caged into a full-time band when Coenen's band Lemur Voice breaks up in the summer of 2000.

After the come and go of several band members, and demo releases in 2000 and 2001, the current lineup of Dennis Leeflang (drums), Marcel Coenen (guitars), Rob van der Loo (ex-Rock Fiction/Agony - bass), André Vuurboom (ex-Jera and Imperium - vocals) and Joost van den Broek (keyboards) is established in early 2002.

Between late 2001 and the summer of 2002, Sun Caged build up an impressive status within their genre by playing thirty live shows in less than ten months, of which several are remarkably sizable. The interest shown by bookers and fans of progressive metal grows considerably, especially remarkable for a band without an album in stores. This also leads to several interviews in prominent magazines.

When the band release a third demo in the summer of 2002, it's only a matter of weeks before a record deal is signed. However, before entering the studio to start recording the debut album, Sun Caged is put on a short hold.

Leeflang, Van den Broek and Van der Loo form the backbone of guitarist/vocalist/composor/producer Bumblefoot (Ron Thal's band) when he tours The Netherlands in September of 2002. Shortly after, Van den Broek tours Europe with Arjen Lucassen's Star One project, right after which Sun Caged pick back up where they've left off a couple of months earlier. In November of 2002, Leeflang tours France for two weeks with Bumblefoot.

The debut album, produced by the band themselves, is recorded in early 2003 and mixed by Arjen Lucassen. The album will be released through Lion Music in October 2003.

Those who try to describe Sun Caged's music will find this to be considerable. Influences range from progressive metal to fusion and jazz, death metal and atmospheric and ambient jaunts. The band's progressive blend is going to excite lots of listeners because of its diversity and excitement. Sun Caged have been told to contain elements in their music that draw comparison to band such as Ayreon, Meshuggah, Iron Maiden, Faith No More, Liquid Tension Experiment, Dream Theater, Pain Of Salvation and Cynic.