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Last Days Of Humanity - Biography

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Erwin de Wit and Hans Smits often came together in Soos Plock, where they socialized and saw bands like Blood, Agathocles, Dreft and other bands who were into grindcore/noisecore at that time. It also was the heyday of some other underground bands such as Fear Of God, Napalm Death, Sore Throat, Anal Cunt, and 7 Minutes Of Nausea. These bands inspired them to go and start their own grind/noise band.

Erwin was in a grindcore band called Fatal Error prior to joining Last Days Of Humanity. When Erwin organized a gig with Drudge, Agathocles and some other bands on December 30, 1989, in Plock, he saw the opportunity to add their own noise project to the bill, and Last Days Of Humanity was born.

Last Days of Humanity at this time consisted of only two vocalists (Erwin and Hans). Their music was originally crafted by using by two screaming voices that were deformed by a pitch shifter intended for guitar. In 1990, a more traditional band setup was formed when the first real gig of Last Days Of Humanity was planned. They were scheduled to play on October 6, 1990, together with Fatal Error at Soos Plock.

In 1993, the band went into the studio to record their second demo. In 1996, they got their first record deal. Afterwards, they booked 2 studio days to record their first album. After one day recording they only recorded approximately 12 minutes of music. Their label then informed the band that they had to come up with 18 additional minutes of new material in 24 hours, or the album would not be released. After this dispute, they quickly moved to Bones Brigade. The band split up in 2006.

Bones Brigade announced that Last Days Of Humanity officially reformed. The band appeared at Bloodshed Fest 2010 at the Dynamo club in Eindhoven, Netherlands, Maryland Deathfest 2011 at Sonar in Baltimore, and toured the United Kingdom in December 2011. They also appeared at Hellfest 2011 in Clisson, France, and Obscene Extreme 2011 in Czech Republic.