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Oath To Vanquish - Biography



An "oath to vanquish" - a vow to obliterate any kind of obstructing defiance.
Oath to Vanquish is a 3-piece death/grind band from Lebanon, a small place on the Mediterranean sea with a multitude of cultures and a rich history. Founding members Elias (guitar/vocals) and Carlos (drums/vocals) had taken part in several bands since 1992, but in Nov. 2001 they decided to create a new musical beast that would push their songwriting and musicianship skills to a totally new level.

OTV played their first gig in Feb. 2002 in Amman, Jordan , delivering a crushing set to an unsuspecting and nascent scene. The band followed with a string of performances which quickly earned them notoriety around the Lebanese underground.

When Joseph departed in 2003, Cyril (bass/vocals) joined the band adding an extra dimension to the sound by incorporating bass melodies and fills, as well as the most inhuman and monstrous guttural delivery!

The band spent a further 2 years crafting and rehearsing their compositions in preparation to unleashing them to the world. The fruit of their labour comes in the form of their debut album, "Applied Schizophrenic Science", which spawned to life at Mad House Studios, Lebanon. Mixing and mastering was handled by Colin Davis at Imperial Mastering, which has helped to deliver crushing production values that do justice to the songs.

Lyrically, the album tackles many social and political issues, often handled through the veil of allegory and unsettling imagery, the main theme however being an account of the frightening physical transformations that an extremely disturbed mind can engender upon itself and the inevitable ensuing carnage!

In early 2006, the band signed a worldwide deal with Grindethic Records, this type of international collaboration being a first on the Lebanese scene and a further testimony to the band's far reaching potential and talent.