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Edge Of Sanity - Biography



Edge Of Sanity was one of the top Swedish death metal bands of the early nineties, as well as the main vehicle for Dan Swanö, who has recorded with several other bands and has been a well-respected producer in the Swedish metal community. While the early-to-mid material such as Purgatory Afterglow were quite good, the band arguably peaked with the ambitious Crimson, consisting entirely of a single, impressively performed 40-minute song. Their followup, Infernal, though not bad, appears to foreshadow Swanö's impending departure, as the album seems to lack any sort of identity, and there is a noticeable split of Swanö songs vs. non-Swanö songs. With Swanö out of the band, the rest of the members recruited Robert Karlsson as new vocalist and recorded one last album, Cryptic, which was somewhat of a return to the faster, less melodic early period of the band. After the release of the Evolution compilation (which features, as many compilations do, various remixes and unreleased material), the members drifted apart and the band eventually broke up, though not with any real announcement.

In 2003 Swanö resurrected the Edge Of Sanity name, and has now released Crimson II, essentially as a solo release with some help from various friends.