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Pyorrhoea - Biography

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PYORRHOEA was found in the middle of 2001 by Cyprian and Andy Blakk. After a couple of months Daray and Analripper joined the band.

In June of 2002 Pyorrhoea entered Hertz studio and recorded promo, which contains near 15 minutes of intense death/grind.

New guitarist A.D.Gore joined the band in November 2002.

On the turn of November 2003 Pyorrhoea entered Hertz studio again and recorded "Desire for Torment" album. It contains 14 tracks of brutal death/grind art.

Pyorrhoea has officially signed three-record deal with Empire Records. Debut album "Desire For Torment" was released in Poland with 4th issue of Thrash'em All Magazine

In the meantime Andy Blakk decided to leave the band due to personal and health problems. Max took up his functions as guitarist, but Andy Blakk still supports Pyorrhoea during their art of destruction.

In the beginning of 2004, when temporary non attendance of drummer Daray started to collide with concert timetable, the band offered this function to Desecrate, member of bands: Naamah, Gortal and Desecrated.

Middle of 2004 - Max leaves the band. Pyorrhoea until the end of the year plays concerts as quartet with one guitar.

End of 2004 - Lukas from Warsaw band Sphere, former guitarist of Abused Majesty became member of Pyorrhoea. After that during Days Of Destruction Tour 2004 Pyorrhoea toured Poland first time amongst bands: Hate, Decapitated, Abused Majesty.

Beginning of 2005 brought what was inevitable. Daray left the band, so presence of new drummer - Desecrate became official.

Not so long after, due to personal reasons vocalist Anal Ripper decided to leave formation. His place took Chryste, known as vocalist and guitarist of Warsaw death squad - Gortal.

In March 2005 Pyorrhoea was invited to play during one of the biggest European metal festival METALMANIA 2005.

In February 2006 band recorded second album "The Eleventh: Thou Shalt Be My Slave". Released in Poland by Empire Records.