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Battle Dagorath - Biography

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Battle Dagorath was brought into creation by BSB (vocals, guitar, bass) in 2002. After recording various unreleased demos in the early years, BSB found both Witch Hammer (drums) and Wulfskreiger (vocals), the trio set forth in writing & recording the debut album "Eternal Throne" which was released in 2008. The Chilling debut induces a deathmarch through Cosmic Frozen Landscapes, Cold Bleak Atmospheres and Intense Glorification of Darkness. Vinterriket (Germany) helped with both intro & outro. Battle Dagorath had established their sound, described as the realm of Cold Misanthropic Majesty.

After the 1st album, BSB re-configured the line-up, taking over on vocal duties, ShadowVoid (Guitars, drums) & Vinterriket (Keyboards) were enlisted as permanent members and Battle Dagorath embarked on the journey to record the 2nd album. "Ancient Wraith" was released in 2011 by Cold Dimensions/Grau, the result is something that solidified their mastery in creating Storms of Arcane Black Metal Winter Art. A masterwork of Harsh Wintry Realms, cavernous & deep barbaric wastelands sending you into a desolate and vast dimension. Dark anthems to the deepest cosmic obscurity.

2012 brought the 3-way split album of Battle Dagorath / Darchon / Lorn entitled "Enshroudment Of Astral Destiny", officially released on Kunsthauch Productions (Russia). This alchemic collection features seven omens of oblique cosmos in chaos. An Apocalyptic Ascension through the gateways encountering Mysterious revelations of Iconic and transformational Atmospheric Black Metal from the ancient sky. Battle Dagorath track "Nocturnal Elegy" features vocals from Elzeril (Vérzivatar / Hungary). Released in 2 versions: 1. limited edition Black Version, 500 copies in Black envelope, 3-panel Digi-sleeve layout. 2. Silver Version, limited 50 copies with special insert in silver numbered envelope with sealing wax.

Cursed Storm Of Ages 2CD, released April 30, 2013 by Italian Label ATMF/De Tenebrarum Principio. Battle Dagorath is joined by Radok (Lorn), who has done the drums on this latest offering. Invoking Haunted pathways through Pure Astral Winter Sorcery, Battle Dagorath brings forth the third monolithic monument entitled "Cursed Storm of Ages". A double-disc of dark freezing visions that opens the gates to the majesty of the nightsky once more. Provoking the chilling Aura of prophecy, and the mysteries of the Infinite Darkness that awaits. For those who dare to look once again on upper levels of awareness