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Thy Catafalque - Biography




Thy Catafalque were born in 1998 in Makó, a small town of Hungary playing traditional epic black metal by Tamás Kátai (Gire) and János Juhász. Just after their first and only demo Kaotic Productions agreed to release their first album, Sublunary Tragedies, in 1999, followed by Microcosmos in 2001.

Throughout the passing years the music became more and more experimental with deep touches of electronic and folk influences feeding from their homeland in central Europe. Kaotic Productions ceased to exist at that point, so the third album, Tűnő Idő Tárlat (An Exhibition Of Vanishing Time) came to sunlight as a self-financed production in 2004. The band's lyrics shifted into the Hungarian language as their music turned out to be the most diverse and experimental since their formation. May 2009 saw the release of the band's fourth album, Róka Hasa Rádió, on Epidemie Records and in November 2009 by Soyuz Music.

Meanwhile, Tamás Kátai moved from Hungary to Edinburgh, Scotland.

Considering the positive reception of Róka Hasa Rádió, Epidemie Records decided to print a reissue of the album's predecessor in 2010. It had been released by the band itself in 2004 in a very small scale. Limited to 500 pieces, the music was untouched while the artwork was renewed.

In 2011 Thy Catafalque signed to Season Of Mist. The fifth album, entitled Rengeteg, was released on November 11, 2011 in Europe and January 2012 in North America. This is the first album without János Juhász, who left the band in 2011. This time all the instruments were composed and recorded by Tamás Kátai, as the only member of TC. All male clean vocals were performed by Attila Bakos (Woodland Choir, Taranis), female vocals by Ágnes Tóth (The Moon And The Nightspirit), and cello by Mihály Simkó-Várnagy.

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