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"Right, quick question, name a metal band from Costa Rica. Come on, the clocks ticking.. you can't? Well, Sight Of Emptiness soon plan on putting that right. Recent winners of the Unsigned Band Contest at Bloodstock 2007, the Costa Rican's funded their own trip over to the UK and, for that determination alone, they deserve your time". Posted by Graham Finney @ ( UK).

Costa Rica is a small democratic and peaceful country in Central America. When you think of this place, you might think tropical rainforest, stunning beaches, amazing animals and Latin rhythm. Think again! Officially this country has not had an army since 1949, but that does not count for the Army of Metal that Sight of Emptiness has in stock for you.

Time to introduce SIGHT OF EMPTINESS. A Melodic Metal band from Costa Rica. The current lineup consists of Eduardo a.k.a.fILTHY (Vocals), Rodrigo (Drums), Rafa (Lead Guitar), Steban (Bass) and Andrés (Guitar).

Officially Sight Of Emptiness have only been around since 2005. With only two years under their belt, they have managed to land some important shows. The first show was on April 17th, 2005 and with great reviews and positive energy, they were destined to continue. For their second show ever, they were hand picked to be the opening act, when one of their main influences - Dark Tranquillity, was visiting their home turf.

The band members continue to put everything aside and completely focus on their music. They released the self funded Debut Album called "Trust Is a Disease"(2007) that have received excellent reviews and Sold Out within 4 months. The debut album contains 8 songs, "Desolation Whispers" is the first single/video, other titles are: In death State, Wall of Pain, Complex Mind, etc. This is what "fILTHY" have to say about the concept behind "Trust is a Disease" lyrics: "We are not trying to save the world, we stay away from politics, religion, I like to write about life as I see it".

When they entered the Bloodstock Unsigned Contest, they knew they had a strong following around Costa Rica, but that they would actually win over 100 bands that came from much larger countries was a complete surprise. For the first time EVER outside of Costa Rica, Sight Of Emptiness played on the main stage at the Bloodstock Open Air UK 2007 on Aug 16th. Playing in front of a huge crowd and sharing the Main Stage with such acts like: In Flames, Dark Tranquillity, Arch Enemy, Nevermore, Lacuna Coil, Testament, Epica, Scar Symmetry, Dream Evil, Firewind and many more. Great reviews all over and total support from the crowd, just confirms what Sight of Emptiness has in store for YOU.

The band has already won the AWARD of "Artist Of Greatest International Exposure " against the best POP & JAZZ bands in Costa Rica. They were also nominated in the category of best metal album. (Trust is a Disease, 2007).

2011 & Future
Sight of Emptiness have set "Absolution of Humanity" (2010) as the title of their second journey. Representing a whole new spectrum of creativity, diversity and aggressive melodies , "Absolution of Humanity" is the album that will take the Costa Rican band to new horizons and help them conquer the extreme metal genre worldwide. Mastered by one of the best European Producers as we speak, Jens Bogren owner of "Fascination Street Studios"(Opeth, Soilwork, Amon Amarth, Bloodbath, Symphony X, Katatonia, Swallow the Sun), did an AWESOME job and took the album to a new level. Expectations are very high and did transform this Upcoming Masterpiece as the most awaited album for a Metal act in Costa Rica and the growing fanbase worldwide.