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Agatus - Biography

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Formed in Athens - Hellas by Eskarth the Dark One (Lead vocals/Guitars). He was joined by his brother Archon Vorskaath (Drums/vocals) and together, until this day they weave the chronicles of Agatus.


Night of the Dark Ages - Demo

First official release of the band, recorded at Molon Lave Studio, in Athens Hellas. Contains 3 tracks of Dark Metal played in the traditional Hellenic style. Medieval Dark music


Dawn of Martyrdom - Debut Album Hypervorea/Sub Terra Records

Debut album, recorded at Storm Studio in 1994, Athens - Hellas. Consists of 10 tracks of Dark and atmospheric metal. This album is dominated by Epic and Medieval passages and was the first official statement of their unique brand of Epic Dark Metal. The album has been long sold out.

Black Moon Promo 2 track promo sample from Dawn of Martyrdom


Rite of Metamorphosis - 7ep single Recorded at Soundhouse Studio, Adelaide Australia This release marked the evident move of Agatus towards an even more melodic and atmospheric direction. Featuring a highly personal sound and more dense arrangements than before, it reflects part of a transitional period for Agatus. Very rare and highly sought after. Made available in limited copies in 2000.


The Weaving FatesAlbum Iron Pegasus Records Recorded at Mixmasters Studio, Adelaide - Australia. Agatus return with another epic journey, inspired by Hellenic and Summerian mythology. This album takes a journey into the early 90s Death Metal reflecting the very roots of the music of Agatus whilst carrying the trademark of Hellenic Metal. Recorded in one of Australias best studios, it features an excellent analogue production, reminiscent of older sounds. Produced by Agatus.

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