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Impaler - Biography




Classic US horror metal band IMPALER established in 1983. Signed with Combat Records in 1984 and released "Rise Of The Mutants" (1985) and "If We Had Brains We'd Be Dangerous" (1986) prompting national attention with their raw brand of shock rock and capturing headlines when the Washington Wives fronted by Tipper Gore used Impaler as an example of the wicked influence rock music had on our nations youth. Sizable record sales amassed in the wake of the controversy and Impaler continues to release cds and dvds through some of the nations top independent record companies.

Early demos compilation on 3CD digipack album plus 20 pages booklet. lots of old pix and interview with original member. This album collects all the IMPALER demos from 1983 to 1992, along with most of the covers they have performed in the early years of their existence. There are also 2 full live sets and some unreleased songs that have never ended up in their studio albums. Finally, on Disc Three you'll find the FEAR NO EVIL demo, the band that originated IMPALER, with the original version of "Vicious Dream". While waiting for their new album, we hope you could enjoy these tunes from the true and only SHOCK ROCK band