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Sadistik Forest - Biography





The story of Sadistik Forest began in summer 2007 when guitarist Antti Heikkinen (ex-Fall of Man, VIHA), inspired by Possessed comeback shows, decided to put together a band that would perform brutal, relentless and unforgiving Death Metal.

Text messages were sent to his long time acquaintances guitarist Jarkko Lahtinen (Heartburn, ex-Fall of Man), drummer Vesa Mutka (Bjav, Sicknote, ex-Rosemary) and vocalist/bassist Markus Makkonen (Farewell, ex-Entrail Tension Experiment). At this point every before mentioned musician had played metal for over a decade! The band was formed within the same day. Unfortunately Jarkko couldn't find time to continue with the new group, so remaining crew decided to continue as a trio.

Musical wise, Sadistik Forest is an interesting combo of Death metal, spiced with influences from Thrash, grind and Black metal. The band embraces the traditions of classic extreme metal and aims only to totally compromise-free artistic outcome. Modern plastic sounds, commercial metal and riffless hyperspeed-assaults couldn't interest Sadistik Forest less. Since the days of Black Sabbath extreme metal has been about the riff and that is the sole leading guideline in Sadistik Forests music too! A solid, memorable riff!!

In summer 2009 Sadistik Forest recorded a full lenght album, under the ever-watching eye of studio guru Samu Männikkö and started the pursuit of record contact. Finally, after negotiating period, band landed a deal with Finnish underground label VIOLENT JOURNEY RECORDS. VJR had loads of important know-how in field of extreme and underground music, so label suited Sadistik Forest more than brilliantly. It is largely VJR's doing that SF rose from the demo-obscurity to where they are today.

With a debut album release show in Jalometalli Metal Festival in August 2010 (alongside Triptykon, Carcass, Destruction, Suffocation and many others) and new guitarist, Matti Salo (BJAV, Huminoita) in group, Sadistik Forest entered the new period. Self-titled debut album was soon followed by number of gigs across Europe and in 2012 Violent Journey Records released the second full-length, Death Doom Radiation.

Like the advanced big brother of enthusiastic debut, D.D.R. gained positive critical feedback from music press and fans alike with it's extremity, heaviness and new found ultra-low vocal delivery. Death Doom Radiation was soon followed with a split with Russia's late great death metal machine Septory. Septory/SF -split was issued through Philadelphia's Horror Pain Gore Death Productions opening new gates for SF in American continent too.

Currently the band is in studio recording what will be their third outing of extremity, SF-album number three. They will also return to play Jalometalli festival again by request, this time alongside likes of Vallenfyre, Annihilator Saxon, Cradle of Filth, Obituary and Candlemass to name a few.

So, as the history of Sadistik Forest approaches the ten year marker, wheels are in motion more than ever.