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Shade Empire - Biography




Shade Empire was formed in Kuopio, Finland late 1999. They released three demos which were all highly acclaimed, receiving only positive response from the press around the world. At last their third demo woke up the true interest of record companies and Shade Empire was signed to Italian Avantgarde Music.

Shade Empire began truly develop their music and 2004 it was time for the first effort "Sinthetic". For their first album these young Finns introduced a very orchestrated, yet electronic dark/black metal, far away from all the average bands. This powerful mixture of melody and hate earned many great reviews worldwide and pushed their recognizable sound to wider audience.

Now, few years after the debut album, it is finally time to headbang again! Following intense song-writing and recordings with S. Jämsen at Perkele Studios (Deathchain, Barathrum, Turmion Kätilöt) this combo is about to release their sophomore album "Intoxicate O.S." this time through Dynamic Arts Records.

After signing a new deal with Dynamic Arts Records band have delivered without doubt the album of their career so far, recreating the right balance of aggressiviness and melody! Haunting melodies and on top of it all a superb production will not leave you with indifference.

With this brand new trauma, "Intoxicate O.S." Shade Empire will expand their audience's awareness into the next level!