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David Maxim Micic - Biography




David Maxim Micic is a guitar/keyboard player, composer and producer from Belgrade, Serbia.

David is a graduate of the Berklee College of Music and has also studied classical piano and jazz/rock guitar. At the age of 20, his achievements included the composition, recording and production of over of 8 hours of original music, composition of music for commercials, movies and TV series, in addition to the production and arrangements for many musicians, mostly from Eastern Europe.

His first (mainly instrumental) EP, called Bilo 1.0, was released in 2011 and clocks just below 30 min. He has since released two follow-up opuses, appropriately titled Bilo 2.0 [EP] and Bilo 3.0, released in '12 and '13 respectively. David was responsible for all music and instruments on his debut EP barring lead vocals and drums, however he has since recruited a wide array or studio musicians to take care of the various instruments featured on the follow-up releases.

David Maxim Micic tends to mix prog rock in many ways, assisted by two female vocalists - from traditional prog metal in the vein of Dream Theater and Ayreon, to more ambient/experimental rock, also incorporating ethnic and jazz/fusion elements.