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Altars Of Grief - Biography




Hailing from Regina, Saskatchewan, Altars Of Grief was conceived in the frigid, winter months of 2013. The band draws from an eclectic musical background, weaving soaring choral arrangements with powerful, driving death metal; morose, gothic doom and frantic, uptempo black metal passages.

In 2014, the band released it's debut album, This Shameful Burden and followed up with a tour of central Canada in it's support. Ever since, the band has been building it's audience through fierce, passionate live performances and has shared the stage with the likes of Fuck The Facts, Insomnium and Dark Tranquillity.

Now, in 2015, Altars Of Grief is set to release it's newest offering - a vinyl split with Canadian blackened doom metal outfit, Nachtterror - which will feature a far more diverse and melodic sound than before.

Of Ash And Dying Light will be released later this year!