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Aeternam - Moongod lyrics


01. Moongod

Progenies of the holy tribe
Governors of the horizon
Prophecies has now revealed
The coming of the almighty savior
Invading the lands of the infidels
Spreading the word of their lord
Assimilating all their heritage
Destroying all their holy idols

Disciples of the lunar kingdom

Warriors of thy liberty
Their devotion is greater than their beliefs
Fear is not a part of their daily battle
The Lord is guiding their fate
Defying the hordes of the sun
Lighting the fire on the world
Launching their terror, butchering the nations
Their only god Allah remains

Crawling on the lands
This falling kingdom of God is becoming the sands
Of this barren desert that witnessed the birth
Of your own loss

Extoler of Arabian deities
Behold the demise of your lineage
Deliver your kind from this enchaining grave
And rise from the ruins of history
Illusion of God is no more
The era of slavery has come to end
The essence of man is the only path to reach
The ultimate illumination

أكاذيب مقدسة
تركت أثر الجرح الذي
أقام شعوبا تحت سيطرة الخيال

Al Uzza
Show yourselves for those
Who believe in this prophecy
And complete their apostasy
Hubal is the Moongod
Hubal is Allah

02. Invading Jerusalem

In the times of Middle-Age
The Holy War began between
Crusaders and the Sarasins in Jerusalem
The sound of swords is roaring
The smell of blood is invading
War has begun under the name of thy creator

Servants of those speechless gods
In which of these books lies the verity ?
The mysteries of the cosmic pungency ?
Thou corrupt the people, satisfy your vanity
Controlling the unheeding and reckless majority

Beheading disciples of Isa
Destroying the sons of messiah
Erasing disciples of Allah
Invading the Holy Land

Filled with pride and boldness
The holy warrior will kill
The voice of God is gracing him with hatred
Descendants of our race
Remember our statement :
God is a creation intended to oblivion

Defenders of Jerusalem
Witness the error of man
Behold! The tyrant has come
Burn the name of God, once and for all

Invading Jerusalem!

03. Cosmogony

Goddess Ishtar
Descendant of Sin
I bring you this offering
Tell me where I came from

Prophecies of Sumeria
Has shown the elders the secrets of the lost
Kingdoms that saw the birth of the world
Deluded humans behold
The statement from the fathers :
"Your race is sacred but your path is wasted,
The blessing of Anu is no more"

Sailing the earth upon the ages
Human created the marvelous world
Crossing the sands and creating the lands
The essence was born for a dynasty of man
Raising the pride of the soul
Reaching the sky and the lights of the horizon
Denigrating the might of their kind
Praying to nonexistent gods

Defying the storms of nature
Transcending the light of the sun
Your kind was intended to conquer the skies
The illness of faith overgrown
As fear and blindness invade the souls
Of a million impotent and indoctrinated creatures
Your inborn nature of slave dominates you

Evening star
Let your light shine over my race
And never again the sun will rise upon us

04. Iram Of The Pillars

I see you in the glance of the water
I feel you, enchanted queen of the sand
My life is a jewel for you
I lost my sight
And my speaking
Alone in the desert I'm wasted and seeking salvation

Howling into the land of dreams
The temple of sins of the ancient Djinns
Riding the horse of the Sarasins
Ascending the seas of Arabian kings

I hear you from the edge of the tower
I praise you : "Lord of Sheba'ha, appear!"
And send me to the kingdom of souls
I had lost my sight
And my speaking
Alone in the desert I'm reaching my illumination

05. Rise Of Arabia

Insanity is growing in the head of humanity
Crushing the arms of supremacy
The storm of chaos has now arrived
People of Arabia are rising
Dethroning the might of their kings
To defend the holy shrine of Shemsu

نفديك يا وطن

The rise of Arabia
Demise of a legacy

Heavenly army of God is falling
Far beyond, as in ancient times
Heavenly army of God is burning

Wave of nations roars!

06. Xibalba

I saw the hordes of stars
Praying to cross the borders of life
Afraid of the dreadful faces of the gods of Metnal
I saw the horror of being sacrificed for Kukulkan
And penetrate into dark rifts of fear

I served my bloody heart on a plate of gold
For the sake of saving my damned world

A thousand corpses upon the lighted serpent
Collapsing on the tainted stairs of Hun-Came
Reptilian eyes, igniting the offered flesh
To the blood thirsty sphere of the sky
Dissected bodies, stacked beneath the temple
Ritually drowned in a lake of blood
Heads of the sacrificed
Open the gates of Xibalba!

I witnessed the rites intended to satisfy the gods
Beheading and disemboweling of thousand painted slaves
My destiny was written on the scribes of Palenque, enlightening me
To the gory carnage that awaited my flesh

I feel the blade
Getting through my heart
The end is now!

07. Descent Of Gods

التسليم للآلهة والجان
التسليم لدشارة والعزة يا آلهة الشر
Silent nightfall reveals the scribes under the stones
Hiding behind the dales of underground
Angels have witnessed the making of the pile
Graven by the dynasty of Nabataeans
Sculpted deities of stars
Awaking from their past, resurrecting from the sands
Divine spirits of pagan realms
Delivered from their eternal curse

Darkness unveiled the truth of Araba
Glory of Al Uzza and worship of Dushara
Centuries of praising the ancient blood
Engaging in demonical rites
Baetyl, mansion of the king
Sanctuary of the eastern storm gods
Temple of the Zodiac calendar
Heralding truth of the cosmic end

Far beyond the mysteries of skies
The city of stone have spoken
Revealing the heavenly highs
Calling the thunder to rise
Descent of gods!
حياة الأنباط مالئة
بالأسرار و الأوهام
خزن الفرعون مثال
لسموهم في البتراء

Nil waits beyond afterlife

08. Idol Of The Sun

Holding the Chakra, the Conch and the Mace
The god of the dusk is now devoid of grace
His arms and hairs of gold are bursting in fire

The sky is illuminated
Descent of Āditya is coming
The son of Kaśyapa came down to punish

Surya! Idol of the sun
Chariots of seven horses rise
Surya! Idol of the sun
Enflaming the emptiness

Mithra, solar deity of chaos
I am contemplating the sacred Gayatri Mantra
Release your fury on who disbelieve

Destiny of the rising sun
Crucified as a thousand of slaves

Son of Osiris
Unveil the scorn of Jesus Christ

09. Hubal, Profaner Of Light

Chaos is devastating all the nations
This is the aeon of loss
The impostor prophet is now believed
Forsaken idols, overwhelmed
Sons of Ismaël
Heaven has chosen for thy
The moon you will worship now
The only god of Arabic tribes

Allah! Sinister deity
I will defy every verse
And defy every word you spoke

Sabean Moongod's legacy
Enslaving spirituality
This old Arabian poetry
Is archaic obsolete fantasy

People of Arabia, those who crossed the sands
Your fate has been torn from history of man
The blast of Israfil, the fear of your existence
Is now reduced to nil
Now expend!

Demise of an ideology
Unveiling the clarity of the lie
The infectious poison expelled from our bodies and our minds
The fallen idol of the moon is scattered before their eyes
Liberating hordes of chaos from their slumber

Hubal! Profaner of Light
Hubal! Devourer of Sunlight

The end of an era is coming
The spheres of the sky ignited by
Communion with spirits of ancient civilizations
O sons of Jahilia ascending from the stellar race
Destroy the pillars of the Moongod's empire

He is the chosen one
Brighter than the sun
Fallen before the dawn of oblivion