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The Great Old Ones - Tekeli-Li lyrics


01. Je Ne Suis Pas Fou

Je ne suis pas fou. Je souhaite juste aujourd'hui prévenir le monde des horreurs indicibles qu'une nouvelle expédition dans ce désert blanc pourrait libérer.
Non je ne suis pas fou. Je les ai vues ces entités rampantes, plus anciennes que les hommes, ces immondices cachées dans leur cité de pierre noire.
Je les ai vues, plus grandes que tous les édifices, plus effrayantes que la mort elle-même. Je les ai vues, ces montagnes hallucinées

02. Antarctica

A land of desolation
A white lifeless hell
A land of starvation
Burning all skin cells
Kingdom of storms
Refuge of spirits
Like unspeakable swarms
Of old units

Towards us, insignificant human
Join us in our frightful eden, join us
Join us in our frightful eden

Between the wind and snow
We can see the mountains
Rejecting their smoke of sulfur
As a grinding cello
And cursed fountains
Of Lava, molten rock, and fire

Naïve, we are moving in the storm
While our senses deform
We are moving in its unwavering greatness
We let ourselves be enveloped by its darkness
Our victory in this desert
Will destroy our spirit, destroy our heart

Great valley of death, let these men pierce your secrets, so we can retake our place

Its beauty calls us, we can't go back,
Our quest begins now, even if the ice should crack, we can't go back

03. The Elder Things

Continuing our research, we find a lost cave
Enclosing nightmarish creatures, sleeping in their icy grave
Excited by our discovery, we move into forbidden knowledge
To the door of our insanity, we blindly build a bridge

Creatures from another universe
Reflections of the Necronomicon
They do not belong to the Earth
Lake dissects creatures and opens them in a breath
Expecting to find answers to the meaning of life
He will find the meaning of death

Some stories say that they had created life
Are we the result of experiments, created with a surgical knife?

You, the old ones, which can defy sea, space, and everything
Us, humans incompetent, we are nothing
We are nothing
We are nothing
We are nothing
We are nothing

We were looking forward to joining Lake to investigate his discovery
Without imagining that we would find a cemetery

04. Awakening

Nous arrivons à l'endroit où Lake et son équipe avaient dressé leur camp. Une décharge glaciale, plus intense que le froid ambiant qui me mord le visage, me traverse l'échine quand je vois les installations dévastées. Un chaos indescriptible s'était abattu sur mes compagnons d'infortune. Les cadavres jonchent le sol. Hommes, animaux, personne n'avait été épargné. J'avance vers la tente dans laquelle Lake avait dû faire ses analyses. En voyant cette empreinte sur le sol, je comprends. Elles n'étaient pas mortes, juste endormies. Et il les a réveillées?
My frozen body warms
I begin to open my eyes
And I see unknown forms
I lift my arm
And grab his head
And I hold it, until it deforms
The thing shouts

I feel the rage rising in me
This abject thing, that is studying me, analyzing me

Les choses très anciennes étaient restées endormies durant des millénaires, emprisonnées dans leur cercueil de glace. Un regard sur les restes du campement me fait comprendre notre erreur. Nous avions cru avec fierté nous trouver devant des fossiles inconnus, sans jamais imaginer l'innommable vérité. Sans le vouloir, nous avions précipité notre chute, vers la folie, et la mort.

Ripping flesh, tearing bodies
I satisfy my thirst for vengeance
I catch them with ease
And I dissect them for science, for science
My work done, I look up to see them, the stars from where I come

Flying over mountains, the wind blowing on my starry head
I admire these gigantic canyons, and I see it, my city of the dead

05. The Ascend


06. Behind The Mountains

Nothing will be as before
We can now see it
With fascination and horror
The city of the ancient spirit

An infamous architecture
A Cyclopean monument
A non-Euclidean structure
Looks to us like an unspeakable giant
We are cursed
We are cursed

Study each sculpture on these cold walls
We understand your past existence
Your prosperity between these icefalls
Your greatness and quintessence

You created slaves, the shoggoths, powerful and abject
But slaves wanted to become masters, and of your fall they were the architect

Shapeless beings, screaming like birds of Poe
Now only masters of the snow
Resistant to the freezing cold of Antarctica
They haunt the dark Babylonia

L'horreur liée à nos découvertes ne nous arrêta pas dans notre quête de savoir. Pourtant nous avions compris que ces connaissances pouvaient amener l'Homme à sa perte, à sa chute. Nous avançons encore et encore au sein de cette innommable cité cyclopéenne. Les choses très anciennes avaient succombées au froid du désert blanc, mais pas leur création. Abomination informe mais polymorphe, nous entendons son cri aigu et détestable se rapprocher, comme un avertissement, présageant notre rencontre imminente et inévitable.

The creature is in front of me, oozing and spongy, countless eyes searching in the dark
Filthy ancestral horror
Dragging his vile body, like in a slow agony, it comes to us, leaving behind its sticky mark
Of our souls the infamous killer

Traversant ce dédale de couloirs impies, nous fuyons cette ineffable vision. Nous arrivons enfin à échapper à la détestable créature, nos corps saufs, mais nos âmes meurtries

From our plane, we can see one last time the cursed city
Danforth's crazy howls surround me, one last vision forever taking his sanity

Today I ask the world not to come back to this place of melancholia
For our salvation, no expedition should return to Antarctica