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Kamelot - Trivia

"The Great Divide", the second track of The Awakening, was co-written by Jani Liimatainen (Insomnium, ex-Sonata Arctica).
The video of the song "Sacrimony (Angel of Afterlife)" was shoot in a small village of Mali Becej (Little Bechej) in Serbia, in an old duke castle, name Fantast or Castle of Dundjerski.
On The Black Halo there is a short hidden track (1:22) in the pregap. Rewinding from "March of Mephisto" on some CD players reveal a couple entering a theatre and being told that they have "just made it to the second act", referring to The Black Halo as the second album in a two-part concept (with Epica being the first album).
In the song "Soul Society" from The Black Halo there is a part where there is a crying baby faintly in the background. This baby is Annelise Youngblood, Thomas Youngblood's daughter.
Sean Tibbetts decided to leave Kamelot because when he rehearsed a few times with them he felt that the band wasn't going to do anything live. A few months later the band was signed to Noise Records.
Before some gig in Spain, the band members traded instruments and made a death metal imitation, with bassist Sean Tibbetts on vocals. The lyrics were, according to Tibbetts, "something about your mother".
When Thomas Youngblood made a phone call to Roy Khan for the first time to invite him to join the band he said: "Hi, I'm Thomas from the band Kamelot from Tampa". Khan initially thought he said "Tampax"; the tampon company.
The song "Anthem" from the album "Ghost Opera" is dedicated to Khan's son Gabriel. It's about his fears when he became a father for the first time.
Before entering the profession of being a rock vocalist, Khan studied to be an opera vocalist in Norway for three years.
Kamelot shot four videos for songs from "Ghost Opera" in Belgrade. However on "Rule The World" and "Love You To Death" bassist Glenn Barry was unable to come as he had to stay in the US, so they used a local guy from a local band instead as an actor for those videos.
The songs 'Don't You Cry' and 'Ne Pleure Pas' (French and USA bonus track) from the album "Karma", are dedicated to Thomas Youngblood Sr., who died when Thomas Youngblood Jr. was only 13 years old.
Mark Vanderbilt had to leave the band because he didn't want to go on tour and lose his job at the time. Two weeks after leaving the band he lost it anyway.
After Mark Vanderbilt departed from the band, Kamelot then picked up on Roy Khan. To make Roy prove himself, he had to go skydiving with the band. Obviously, he succeeded.