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Machinae Supremacy - Trivia

Self-defined as "SID metal", many of their songs use a SidStation that features the SID chip of the Commodore 64.
Machinae Supremacy's songs "Bouff" and "Hybrid" were featured in the rhythm dancing game "In The Groove". Their song "Cryosleep" appeared in "In The Groove 2".
The Swedish TV ad for the Ice Hockey World Championship in Canada 2008 features the band playing their song "Overworld" on the ice.
They define themselves as "Rock with computer game influences"
Player One was originally titled "Player One (Return To Arcade)".

The song Deus Ex Machinae was at one point titled "Hyperion".

In an interview with Robert Stjärnström, he said of the Jets'n'Guns soundtrack "since they didn't have vocals, there was no pressure to follow any standard pop song "form". Free reins."

The downloadable soundtrack of Jets'n'Guns is encoded at higher quality than the versions included with the game (which were reduced for download size reasons), and slightly longer, as the music was cut so that it can be looped in the game. The downloadable soundtrack does not include "Hero". Hero is available separately on the Machinae Supremacy site.

The name "Futuremachine" was actually a hint from Robert Stjärnström that it was going to be a future Machinae Supremacy song, which turned out to be "Reanimator".

The song "Lava Trouble Bubble" was based on the Redeemer song "Rise" (not the other way around), very much like "Machinaeguns" and "Dududub Dududum" were based on the song "Empire".

The song "Flight of the Toyota" is being remade into a new song for Machinae Supremacy's third album, currently untitled.
The band started out uploading each of their songs as it came into existence, gathering a huge following among metalheads and gamers alike. Their webography, worth of five albums with about four hours of music, can still be downloaded from their website for free as MP3 and high quality FLAC files and with hi-res album covers.