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In Flames - Trivia

In Flames have won the "Best international Band" award from the Metalhammer Golden Gods in 2008.
In Flames is the only band that have won a swedish grammy for best hard rock three times.
"Come Clarity" was voted as the best swedish album of the 00's by the reader of Sweden's biggest newspaper Aftonbladet.
Fredrik Nordström noted that Whoracle was not easy to record at times since the band members usually preferred drinking beer and playing Tekken 3 to recording the album.
In 1993, the first official In Flames lineup of Jesper Strömblad (guitar, drums, keyboards), Glenn Ljungström (guitar) and Johan Larsson (bass) recorded a three song demo and sent it to Wrong Again Records. In order to increase their chances of being offered a record deal, the trio lied to the owner of the label by telling him that they already had 13 songs done. Seeing promise in the band, he offered In Flames a record deal over the phone!
Mikael Stanne recorded vocals with In Flames for their debut album. However, contrary to popular belief, he was never an official member of that band; he was a session vocalist and sang to help out the members of In Flames who did not have a vocalist yet.
The music video for 'Trigger' is a reverse of Soilwork's video for 'Rejection Role'. Both of which are filmed in the same location, and includes the performing band being heckled by the other. The two bands at one point in both videos confront eachother for a fight on a set of steps. While the fight itself is not shown, the winner of the fight is assumed to be the performing band in each video. This is shown by one member of the other band having a black eye afterwards.
The "Cloud Connected" music video contains elements from the TV series and movie Stargate.
The original In Flames logo was drawn by the band's former guitarist Glenn Ljungström.
In Flames were honored with the "Swedish Music Export" prize at Sweden's "Grammis" awards, which were held Tuesday night, February 7, 2006 at Cirkus in Stockholm. In Flames were the first metal band ever to win this award. "Thanks to In Flames, Sweden now has a metal band in the absolute world elite," the Swedish economy minister Thomas Östros said of the award.