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Type: Shop
Location: Finland, Helsinki
Iso Roobertinkatu 42, 00120

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The idea was formulated and distilled one dark and drunken evening between three friends in 2009. Their objective, to create and build a temple to the ideology of Knowledge, Victory, Leadership, Tradition. To provide an outlet that promotes and sews the seeds of extreme, underground music for the current and future generation to reap.

The store contains a selection of the most rare, hard-to-find, extreme music known to mankind. With over 4000 titles including CDs, vinyls, cassette tapes, shirts, DVDs.

Stocking mostly new but also some quality second hand selections also. Situated in the rotten heart of central Helsinki, Iso Roobertinkatu 42, between several porno/sex shops in an old haunt that used to be home to a company called Nosferatu, a film cutting warehouse run by Peter von Bagh. Cleared and painstakingly renovated by hand, painted black, and featuring the Necronomicon inspired sigils, gates and pentagram designs of Lauski (known for his work on cover art designs and Suomi Finland Perkele Magazine). The store is lit by hand-build LED lighting system and fluorescent tubes and features an old Christian chapel altar as a desk counter.

An experience that offers you more than a faceless, commercial record store supermarket. You won't find a better place to go and spend your time browsing through the extensive collection, getting suggestions from the experienced veteran staff or listening to the obscure music they play in store. Nothing beats the real thing, of being able to search the racks and see the records in real life, in the right setting. Meet other likeminded freaks, get turned on to some new sick sounds or establish a connection with a store that knows and understands your corrupted and evil music needs.

Opening hours:

Monday - Friday: 11:00 - 19:00
Saturday: 11:00 - 16:00



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