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Dissection - Forced To Cancel USA Shows

Swedish Black/Death Metallers Dissection have been forced to cancel two shows in America. The band was set to play one show on September 1st at The House of Blues in Los Angeles and another one on September 6th at the BB King's in New York. The reason behind the cancellations is because Dissection vocallist/guitarist Jon Nödtveidt was denied access into the USA by the US Immigration Services. They had been causing delays, but in the end they've denied him access into the country. The reason behind Nödtveidt not being allowed into the country is because of his previous conviction for murder in 1998.

Here is a comment by Nödtveidt taken from Dissection's official website: "We knew from the beginning that there was a risk that I might be denied entry into the US because of my past but we (the band and the agencies involved) were prepared to take that risk. It's very unfortunate for everybody involved; the fans, the band and its representatives as well as the promoters. I have served my time and we were really looking forward to these final gigs. To our American fans: In spite of everything; see you in spirit! Fuck the Law! Chaos Forever!"

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Posted: 26.07.2006 by Necromancer_S


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26.07.2006 - 16:45
norse steel
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that is just about the gayest thing i've ever heard in my life, what the fuck, they let so many illegal immigrants in here, and alls they do is sell drugs and work for constuction companies and whatever, oh well, i can't stand the new cd...
26.07.2006 - 20:05

I too think it is quite stupid, but those are the law's unfortunatley. The reason illegal immigrants are here is because they dont go through the immigration service to become LEGAL, & if they are found they are deported. Now not all of them sell drugs, & the one's that work construction & shitty jobs as such is because "American's" think they are too good to work these jobs & are lazy enough to let the illigal's do it, so these illegal's are infact an asset to this country so people like you can sit on your asses & eat McDonalds all day.
27.07.2006 - 10:29
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this is lame, this happens to everyone (not everyone) but people like 1349 (first US show) and samoth (last emperor show)
27.07.2006 - 16:50
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This sucks, i was all ready to go see them in New York.
28.07.2006 - 08:33
Down Under Staff
I think it's quite stupid. What he did was in the past. It's not as if he's going to go on a slaughter rampage once he gets into the country. I'm sure the USA don't expell every single person who's ever commited a past crime. It's not like he's going there to live there or anything, either
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