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Wrathchild America - Frontman On Status Of Band's Reunion

Wrathchild America bassist and vocalist Brad Divens was recently interviewed on the 'Somewhere In Time' podcast about the current status of the band. The classic lineup of Divens, guitarists Terry Carter and Jay Abbene and drummer Shannon Larkin got back together a back in 2017 for rehearsals of a reunion, but since then they have never performed at least one live gig nor released new material.

Divens revealed to the hosts of the 'Somewhere In Time' podcast that, when the members of Wrathchild America got back together nearly half a decade ago, plans were made to perform a show or two at the legendary Hammerjacks club in Baltimore that was going to be rebuilt, but added that those plans were ultimately backfired by the band members' schedules. While Brad went on to say that all four members of the band are open to a proper reunion, he insisted that it would last for at least one or two shows around the East Coast (specifically Baltimore and Washington D.C.) rather than a full-scale tour.

Formerly known by the names Atlantis, Tyrant and Wrathchild, Wrathchild America released only two albums, Climbin' The Walls (1989) and 3-D (1991), before changing their name once again to Souls At Zero, which released two more albums before splitting up in 1996.

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Posted: 08.06.2021 by Metal God

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