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Black Willows - Premiere 19-Minute Long Track 'Communion'

In 10 days, Swiss outfit Black Willows will put out their third full-length offering, dubbed Shemurah. All songs performed live and recorded by Sacha Ruffieux at Studio de la Fonderie in Fribourg, Switzerland. Vocals recorded by Brian Bendahan at Shiverland productions, Switzerland. Mixed and mastered by Raphaël Bovey at MyRoom Studio, Switzerland. Take your time and give a spin to the album's massive opening track, "Communion".

Track listing:

01. Communion (19:33)
02. Interlude I (2:24)
03. Ascent (18:06)
04. Interlude II (3:39)
05. Blindness (10:51)
06. Annihilated (8:07)
07. Anathem (10:57)
08. Aphorism (6:13)

Aleister Crowley on "Communion": "Communion" is about trying to make peace with yourself and then finding serenity. When you reach this state of consciousness you are finally free and in entire communion with yourself and all the things surrounding you.

"I thought a lot about this record, how long it last and the general tuning/mood of it… and I already know that Shemurah is particular, it’s not like another records you can listen, it’s more like a very long mantra, the record should be listened like something going through to your subconscious, your soul and get into vibrations with them. Like a yoga/meditation cession or something like that…

"I know that is a very special record and people will need/have to be in the right mood and state of consciousness for this one. I took a risk with this one but I really wanted and needed to push the boundaries of what I had in mind…"

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Posted: 11.10.2021 by Abattoir

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