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Metal Church - Drummer Comments On Future Of The Band

Following the suicide of Metal Church frontman Mike Howe last July and guitarist Kurdt Vanderhoof having already indicated that the band would continue on with an unidentified replacement vocalist, drummer Stet Howland revealed in a recent interview on 'The Classic Metal Show' that he and the remaining surviving members just started talking to each other again and commented on the band's uncertain future, admitting that they have been "slowly digesting" and are still mourning the loss of Howe.

Howland said: "I knew one of the questions was going to be 'what's next for Metal Church?', and... I just talked to Kurdt last night, we just had an amazing conversation, and that's where we're at. We're all talking again, that's where we're at. But we were so broken, man. I mean all of us. When I talked to Kurdt a few weeks ago, he's like, 'he's in Barbados'. We're talking about trying to digest the loss of Mike. He was so much more than just our singer. I mean, he was Uncle Mike here at my house, and he was my friend. He would talk me down when I'd get heated, and I'd talk him down when he'd get heated. He was such an amazing human. So, you know, we're all digesting that in our own way. I had just lost my Mom, and had a couple of losses, so I was fairly fresh at facing the realities associated with death and loss. Everybody handles it different in our band. For some of our members, Mike's in Barbados on vacation. And so, we're all slowly digesting. We just started talking again a few weeks ago, and we're barely talking about anything except making jokes, and we have our banter, we're starting to joke and communicated again together. Building on the future will come, but right now... we're just like hugging right now, we're all like 'I love you, man'. That's kind of where we're at. I know everybody wants to know more, when there's more you'll hear about it."

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Posted: 25.11.2021 by Metal God

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