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Marcel Schirmer


1983-1989 Destruction - vocals, bass (as Schmier)  
1989- Headhunter - vocals, bass (as Schmier)  
1999- Destruction - vocals, bass (as Schmier)  
2014-2018 Pänzer - vocals, bass (as Schmier)  

Studio musician

2007- Markus Grosskopf's Bassinvaders - bass, vocals (as Schmier)  

Live musician

2013 Suicidal Angels - vocals (as Schmier)  

Guest musician

1988 Poltergeist - backing vocals (as Schmier)  
1993 Poltergeist - backing vocals (as Schmier)  
2002 Eternal Gray - vocals (as Schmier)  
2004 Umount - vocals (as Schmier)  
2005 Powergod - vocals (as Schmier)  
2006 Elvenking - vocals (as Schmier)  
2007 Doro - bass, vocals (as Schmier)  
2007 Debauchery - vocals (as Schmier)  
2007 Nuclear Blast Allstars - vocals (as Schmier)  
2007 Fear My Thoughts - vocals (as Schmier)  
2008 Gurd - vocals (as Schmier)  
2008 Perzonal War - additional vocals (as Schmier)  
2008 Holy Moses - vocals (as Schmier)  
2009 Axxis - vocals (as Schmier)  
2010 Pro-Pain - vocals (as Schmier)  
2013 Pentagram Chile - vocals (as Schmier)  
2013 Gonoreas - additional vocals (as Schmier)  
2014 Suborned - vocals (as Schmier)  
2016 Sinsaenum - backing vocals (as Schmier)  
2017 Burning Witches - vocals (as Schmier)  
2017 Liv Sin - vocals (as Schmier)  
2018 Architects Of Chaoz - additional vocals (as Schmier)  
2018 Lady Catman - vocals (as Schmier)  
2018 Jungle Rot - vocals (as Schmier)  
2019 Constantine - vocals (as Schmier)  
2020 Necrophobic - vocals (as Schmier)  
2021 Nervosa - vocals (as Schmier)  

Personal information

Also known as: Schmier
Born on: 22.12.1966
Official website

Marcel Schirmer, born on December 22, 1966, is a German heavy metal musician. Commonly known as Schmier, he is the founding bassist and vocalist of the thrash metal band Destruction. He left Destruction in 1989 to form Headhunter and reunited with them in 1999. Schmier owned a pizzeria named Barracuda in Istein, but sold it in 2006. He lives in Freiburg.

(Source: Wikipedia)

Destruction: Bass/Vocals
Born on the 22th December 1966
Height: 192cm
Weight: 88kg

How long have you been playing your instrument?: Since 1982/83.
Used Equipment: Trace Elliot Bass Amp 450W, Sans Amp, Boss Noisegate, Speakers : Ampeg 8x10 Classic, Custom made Dean, Flying V.
Listening Metal since: The end of the seventies.
Best concert(s) of your career?: There were many great shows, the most outstanding was maybe Lissabon/Portugal 1988/89 with Motörhead, Cali/Colombia 2001 and the Wacken Comeback 1999 in Germany.
Favorite band: Ow, tough question because i listen to a wide variety of music. Judas Priest, Motörhead, Dead Kennedies, Exodus, System of a down, Kreator, old Maiden and many more, too much to list here.
Musical influence: Lemmy and Steve Harris.
Is there any kind of music you don't like at all?: "Kindergarden"-metal (nowadays also offered under the label 'Powermetal') and Rap.
Favorite movie: Matrix.
Favorite food: Chicken breast in sour cream with potato-gratin.
Favorite drinks: Red wine, caipirinha & beer.
Favorite country: Spain.
Preferred female: Extremely good looking and willing!.
What do you hate the most?: Liars and intolerant people.
Your tip to other / young bands: Just do what you like and not what others tell you and keep up, don't give a shit about trends!.
Your worst habit: Cheating choleric.
What are you unbeatable in?: Choleric outbursts.
What is the biggest lie of mankind?: Religion.
Why is H.M. "Your" music?: Because Heavy Metal can never be standardized.
Biggest wish: To grow old in a healthy way with this Rock'n Roll lifestyle.
Do you got idols?: The glorification of other people is almost starting to get religious,therefore no.
Your slogan for live: Don't dream your live, live your dream!

(Source: Destruction Website)