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Consumption - 'Suffering Divine' Track Unleashed

Swedish old school death metal duo Consumption offer in listening "Suffering Divine", a new single from their upcoming Necrotic Lust album. The latter is due for release on August 26th (Hammerheart Records).

Track listing:

01. Suffering Divine
02. The Last Supper
03. Necrotic Lust
04. A Secret Coliseum
05. Ground Into Ash And Coal [feat. Jeff Walker]
06. Offspring Inhuman Conceived
07. Twisted Shaped Reality
08. Circle Of Pain
09. Devices For The Sentenced
10. Burial Of Death [bonus]
11. In Devoured State Entombed [bonus]
12. Industrial Executions [bonus]

Band profile: Consumption
Posted: 27.06.2022 by Abattoir

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