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D.R.I. - New Album Update

Although they did release new music back in 2016 on the EP But Wait...There's More!, it has been 27 years since crossover thrash pioneers D.R.I. released their last proper studio album so far, Full Speed Ahead. In a recent interview with Metal Remains, frontman Kurt Brecht confirmed that he has constantly been writing new material, but is uncertain of when a new album will be released.

When asked if a new album should be expected soon, Brecht said: "Yeah, I'm not really sure about that. It's hard to say. I'm not gonna say 'no', but we're not actively working. I'm always writing new lyrics and stuff like that, but as a band, we're not actively trying to put out a new record. We did [But Wait...There's More!] just as a test a while back to see if people wanted to do music with us. But we have a record company [Beer City Records], but I don't think they have a lot of money to give us to put out a new record. If some record company came and said, 'Hey, we wanna give you some money, so you can stop touring for a little bit and then have some time to write songs', then we would do it. But nobody's [been] offering."

The interviewer then suggested to the fans that they should offer D.R.I. money in order to record a new album, to which Brecht agreed: "Yeah, because otherwise we just have to keep touring. We have to make money just to survive."

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Posted: 18.08.2022 by Metal God

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