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Ixion - Detail Fifth Studio Album

The French atmospheric doom metal project Ixion announce their next release Extinction, to be out on April 16th. It is the first part of their new three-piece music effort Evolution, which will be released physically later this fall.

The band commented: "Our new album has been conceived as a three-part opus on the main theme of androids and post-humanism - a field of science-fiction we had not yet really deepened:

- the first part deals with humans' life and their perspectives
- the second one is about robots and their attempts
- and the third part ties in with the post-humanism imagination, the connexion between the two worlds

"The music follows this progression with three distinct universes! This is why we have chosen to release separately each part in digital format, before the physical release of the whole album during autumn!

"As the first part of this album, Extinction will take you into the future, questioning how humanity will struggle with mortality in a world where android technology rises. Join us on a journey of atmospheric doom filled with orchestral and acoustic soundscapes, both epic and intimate!"

Tracklist as follows:

01. The Withering Of The Flesh
02. In Fear Of The Machines
03. The Weight Of Ignorance
04. A Chimeric Dream - Part 1
05. Afterlife

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Posted: 29.02.2024 by 28978Productions

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