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2023 Metal Storm Awards - Results!

Congratulations, everyone: you've made it to the end. The results of the 2023 Metal Storm Awards are now online. You can hop over to the Awards page to peruse them and then hop right back here to discuss them.

We hope that you found this whole process as fulfilling as we did and that you discovered a lot of great new music to tide you over until next year's edition. Rest assured that we'll be hard at work setting up 2024 as soon as the ink is dry on 2023, and you can expect our staff picks to come soon to give you the real results.

Posted: 01.03.2024 by ScreamingSteelUS

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04.03.2024 - 16:01
Written by JoHn Doe on 01.03.2024 at 13:59

Written by musclassia on 01.03.2024 at 13:53

Written by JoHn Doe on 01.03.2024 at 11:20

So a band classified as stoner-doom in the band profile won hard rock.

It's pretty clear from listening to the album that Green Lung, who already had a retro rock slant to their sound that distinguished themselves from stoner/doom, further pursued that direction; This Heathen Land has a lot more to do with retro psychedelic rock than it does desert rock. The genre tags were applied when the band profile was created, at which point they'd released Woodland Rites, an album clearly closer to stoner rock. If you want to see why an album might have gone into a category, it's probably more helpful to listen to the album rather than see what (potentially outdated) genre tags the band has on its profile, it might become less of a mystery.

Update the band profile then.
I'm not sure how much the hard rock genre tag is proper for this band, but then it's just my opinion.

How about less of the attitude and a bit more of the gratitude?
04.03.2024 - 16:25
JoHn Doe
Written by gavdann on 04.03.2024 at 16:01

How about less of the attitude and a bit more of the gratitude?

How am I ungrateful?!
I thought the two primary purposes for the internet were cat memes and overreactions.
04.03.2024 - 16:37
Written by gavdann on 04.03.2024 at 16:00

Written by Metal Rasputin on 01.03.2024 at 18:21

I'm just amazed how Moonlight Sorcery didn't win in any category. I thought that album was easily one of the best metal releases last year.

It didn't help that several voters wrote-in for other categories rather than vote in the category it was nominated for. i.e. extreme power.

I guess this is a general issue for bands which genre hop, making it harder for you guys to put them in one over another.

The write-ins can be quite enlightening - determining what's 'black' vs 'melodic black' can be quite tricky to sort out, but two albums that I would definitely put in meloblack (Panopticon and ...And Oceans) got over 10 write-ins in black but not meloblack. We also had a long internal debate about whether Arkona should go in folk or ex prog (I leant towards the former); we ultimately decided on the latter, but it received more write-ins in folk. Guess it shows that sorting albums into categories isn't an exact science, and Moonlight Sorcery is a fine example of that, what with it getting substantial write-ins in Black and Melodic Black (in terms of what catgory it should have won, probably Debut had it got nominated, which was a bit of an oversight IMO)
04.03.2024 - 16:49
^ I agree, we should have nominated Moonlight Sorcery for best debut.
10.03.2024 - 08:13
I've listened to every single nominee for melodic black metal and melodic death metal multiple times. Blackbraid II was great and all, but Sworn should have won, their album was incredible and memorable. Same for Shylmagoghnar.
Anyway, I hope we can get top quality metal this year too.

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