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1-12-2003: Tracklisting Sleepy Buildings & more news.
Hello all,

As you probably know, Sleepy Buildings will be released the 26th of january 2004. This is the official tracklist:

1. Locked away 2. Saturnine 3. Amity 4. The mirror waters 5. Red is a slow colour 6. Sleepy buildings 7. Travel 8. Shrink 9. In motion Part II 10. Stonegarden 11. My electricity 12. Eleanor 13. Marooned 14. Like fountains

The May Song and Nighttime Birds fell through, and we didn't mix them. NB is already in more or less the same version available on our Superheat live album, TMS sounded simply not that well.
We are still busy finding dates for our Sleepy Buildings tour 2004. We will play Germany for sure, possibly some churches! We will keep you informed.

Cheers! - Hans

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Posted: 02.12.2003 by Deadsoulman

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