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Small visual glitch on upper buttons

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25.02.2022 - 00:54
Meat and Potatos
I don't know what triggers it, but from time to time the buttons that are supposed to be aligned to the profile name suddenly move to a row below and look weird, like that

Clicking anywhere else fixes, but just thought someone would like to know:
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25.02.2022 - 11:01
That has been the case for months for me, I think the search bar takes too much space and the other icons can't fit so they're pushed down
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25.02.2022 - 12:36
With a lowercase c
I've seen that, too. But only if I make my browser window small enough, which I usually don't.

Didn't strike me as important enough to tackle yet. We're doing a lot of under-the-hood stuff right now that keeps breaking things all over the place. Aesthetic bugs are waaaaay down on my list