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FAQ: Metal Storm website

2.1 - When and how was the site founded?

Metal Storm was founded in autumn 2000 by Ivan, originally with the .ee domain. This is the Estonian extension, where the server is located. Since then Metal Storm has grown into an international website, with its members coming from every continent, except maybe Antarctica (anyone from Antarctica here?).

As well as, Metal Storm is also available at and

2.2 - Who are the people working on the site?

The full list of staff can be found at the staff page.

Admins deal mostly with organizational and general website matters, making sure everything runs smoothly. All important decisions and changes have to pass their approval first.

Moderators look after the forum and members, moving / locking / deleting threads and posts when necessary.

Staff work on site content - featured bands, reviews, interviews, news, releases and other such things.

You can tell which position a person has by looking at their profile, or looking at the letter in their gender sign.

2.3 - How do I become a Moderator or a Staff member?

Don't worry about that - when your time comes, we'll come for you ourselves.

2.4 - Who's the guy on the Metal Storm logo?

Officially, it's a "Metal Hero", but those who notice a resemblance to Alexi Laiho would be correct. This is not to imply that Laiho is a "metal hero", that is too fat of a claim. However, one of his pictures was epic enough to be used as a model for an abstract mascot, which we refer to as "Metal Hero". So, if you lack imagination, you can say it's Laiho, or you can say it's an everyman metal musician, both would be true.

2.5 - I want my band reviewed/interviewed/featured on Metal Storm, who do I contact?

Publication content is looked after by the Editor-in-chief. If you would like to submit your bands material to be featured on our website, please use the e-mail link on the right side of the profile. E-mailing multiple staff members for 1 album review will not see your album reviewed any faster, nor does it guarantee a review.

Please keep in mind we receive a large amount of requests from various bands & labels. We try our best to see that all of these requests are met, but unfortunately not every one can be taken care of. All of our writers contribute to the site on a volunteer basis, so we can only have as much reviewing time as our personal lives will allow.

A few tips for seeing that your band/album is more likely to be featured:
- Please remember, we are first and foremost a metal site.
- English e-mails only, please.
- Keep the subject line of the e-mail simple. "Review Request from [your band]" or something along those lines is fine.
- Keep the e-mail simple & informative as well. An entire biography isn't necessary, nor is adding a ton of photos into the e-mail (aside from attaching or linking some cover art.) Information we like to know is; is your release a full length or demo/EP? What style of metal do you play? How are you looking to send us your promo material (digital or physical)?
- Providing links to your bands various webpages/social networking pages is highly encouraged.

2.6 - Ads and privacy

Ads on Metal Storm are mostly handled by Fixion Media. Fixion Media works with a third party (Adtech) for ad delivery, the non-personally-identifiable information collected about visits to this and other web sites may be used in order to provide more relevant advertisements. You have the option not to participate in sharing of this information by doing a cookie opt-out here:

Ads are also available for sale through our automated ad-system. There is also a help section regarding this system here.

2.7 - I found a bug - what should I do?

Send an e-mail/PM to Ivan, or post in the Bugs forum.