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FAQ: Featured bands

3.1 - Why is this band not featured? How do I add a band?

As much as we'd like to, we can't feature every metal band here, even every good one. There are simply way too many of them. You can suggest bands that should be added, though.

If you see an inactive or invisible band profile, you can submit all the information needed (all band members past and present, full discography including any demos, etc. and all other essential information) and contact a Staff member - they will check to see if everything is present and correct and if it is the band can possibly become active!

If a band does not even have an invisible or inactive profile then again, PM a Staff member to add it. Please include the band's website and/or their social media pages in your PM. After the empty profile is added, you can fill in all missing information yourself and ask to make the band visible.

NOTE: Metal Storm does not feature bands that are known to have NS content or that are otherwise in violation of our standards. If you notice that a band is not featured, it is possible that we have intentionally omitted them for this reason; keep in mind that if you suggest such a band, we will remove the suggestion or, should we unknowingly add the profile, later delete the band from the database. In general, it is a good idea to check the list of blacklisted bands on the Suggestions page before suggesting a band - we might have explained that band's absence.

3.2 - Why is my favorite Metalcore/Nu-Metal/Alternative Rock band not featured?

On Metal Storm, we try to promote open mindedness and this is why music that can reasonably appeal to metal fans will always have a place here, if not as visible bands in the database, then as the occasional review. Even though we may not be fans of these bands ourselves, the objective metalhead should acknowledge that these bands are in fact metal, and therefore, they surely deserve to be added.

However, the process for these bands might take a little longer, as you, the users, are needed for their profile completion and we do not intend to prioritize them over bands from other genres. The reviews of their albums will be showing up here, since labels send them to us and we feel that anything that a metal fan might find interesting and is reasonably 'metal' enough deserves to be reviewed.

3.3 - What about all those ancient rock bands featured? They're not metal!

Some of them are not, but all of them had a great influence on metal, and have a lot of fans among metalheads, which is why we thought it would be appropriate to feature them.

3.4 - Band profile activation

Here are the things that HAVE TO BE COMPLETE in order for a profile to be made visible.

  • General info (country of origin, current label [unsigned if n/a], official website links [Facebook, Myspace, etc. - no fan pages], accurate formed in year [and disbanded year* if applicable]

    * If disbanded but reformed, leave the disbanded field blank and inform a Staff member about the band's earlier disbanding (see Sleep for an example).
    * If a band moved to another country after formation, this could be a good Trivia question.

  • Full accurate line-up (this means any and all current/former members, tour/guest/session included; for musicians without an official joined in date, use the NA option [also applies for departed in dates]

  • Full discography (all applicable album images [original only, not alternate covers], All First Letters In English Titles Capitalized, no promo/bootleg releases, no unofficial demos)

These are REQUIREMENTS. All other fields (biography, videos, logos, trivia) are considered bonus material and bare no weight upon Activation. Metal-Archives is NOT an official source but that doesn't mean it isn't a good place to start for basic info that you need to then verify through an OFFICIAL source. Please try to stick to official biographies, but always include a source for your information.


Happy editing!


PM the Database Chief if you have any more specific questions regarding Activations.